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New Yorker 2023-09-18
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Big success Crossword ClueHigh court figure, at times Crossword ClueUnnerve, with "out" Crossword ClueWithout real scrutiny Crossword ClueWhere there is "too much singing," per Debussy Crossword ClueOpen positions vis-Ã -vis potential applicants Crossword Clue"Hamilton" collection Crossword ClueOodles of Crossword ClueLead-in to "by" or "Buy" Crossword ClueFresh start Crossword ClueEmmy winner John Crossword ClueParanormal aptitude, in brief Crossword ClueFillmore in "Cars," for one Crossword Clue___ tomato Crossword ClueEye piece Crossword ClueMove like a caterpillar Crossword ClueAccident follow-up Crossword ClueIt's supposed to end at midnight, but then it doesn't Crossword ClueGrammy winner Bareilles Crossword ClueOne who takes, takes, takes Crossword ClueCapital founded at the end of the Viking age Crossword ClueAmazon domain Crossword Clue"You have a point there" Crossword CluePeat or petrol Crossword ClueClamdiggers Crossword ClueCheese found in Notre Dame? Crossword ClueSenior ___ Championship (annual event) Crossword ClueWarner Bros. Discovery network Crossword ClueTV's "___ Blue" Crossword ClueBrings down the house? Crossword ClueCosta ___, Calif. Crossword ClueSean of "Stranger Things" Crossword ClueCosa Nostra, popularly Crossword ClueKnot without a struggle Crossword ClueWith 63-Down, period following the Jazz Age Crossword ClueSomething that might be taken in a museum Crossword ClueArabian folklore figure Crossword ClueReindeer in "Frozen" Crossword ClueWhat might elicit "Get a room!," in brief Crossword CluePilgrimage to the Kaaba Crossword Clue1988 Winter Olympian Midori Crossword Clue*Surfaces for some high rollers Crossword Clue*Quick-access rows of icons Crossword ClueCanadian-born crooner Paul Crossword ClueFinish, as a cake Crossword ClueResisted the urge to alter Crossword Clue*Cook-your-own dishes in some Asian restaurants Crossword ClueSee Crossword CluePine (for) Crossword ClueShout Crossword Clue"The Eagle ___ landed" Crossword ClueThey're regulated by the F.D.A. Crossword ClueDawdler's response Crossword ClueF1 neighbor Crossword ClueNot pay till the end, say Crossword Clue*Bureaucratic hassle Crossword CluePrevails eventually ... or a hint to entering the answers to the six starred clues in this puzzle Crossword ClueHow a sailor achieves a good work-life balance? Crossword ClueIllegal deal in the music industry Crossword ClueSplit Crossword ClueVintner Claude Crossword CluePart of the mouth Crossword ClueStuff in a bun Crossword ClueMove like or with the wind Crossword Clue*Dummies Crossword Clue*Mark of wisdom, some say Crossword CluePart of 50-Across: Abbr. Crossword ClueMovement introduced by Tarana Burke in 2006 Crossword ClueCousins of agoutis Crossword ClueFlawless, to a collector Crossword ClueBite-size Crossword Clue___-de-camp Crossword ClueSavory additive, for short Crossword ClueSpeechless state Crossword ClueHalf a sawbuck Crossword ClueSweethearts candy word Crossword ClueFamily planning option, in brief Crossword ClueSee 64-Across Crossword ClueCheese sometimes called chèvre Crossword ClueHave some cheese Crossword Clue


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