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Possibole Clues for LIP

Clue Publisher Date
Manicuring tool Thomas Joseph October 3 2023
Flowers that Tiny Tim "tiptoed through" in a 1968 hit New York Times October 1 2023
Prominent feature of Man Ray's painting "Observatory Time: The Lovers" New York Times September 22 2023
Mess up once Vox September 19 2023
Meghan Trainor song with the lyric "Then you're lyin', lyin', lyin', baby" (3 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords September 19 2023
Ready-made digital graphics LA Times September 17 2023
Inexpensive drawing, say New York Times September 16 2023
Pre-made images for a graphic designer USA Today September 14 2023
Colorful flower with a bulb NY Times Mini September 14 2023
Spring bloom that sprouts from a bulb Daily Pop Crosswords September 13 2023
Goes crazy New York Times September 12 2023
Late passes and sales receipts USA Today September 11 2023
Backyard toy that attaches to a hose New York Times September 10 2023
Anything small NewsDay September 9 2023
The Motorola Razr, for example USA Today September 8 2023
It's right under a mustache Crosswords With Friends September 8 2023
Indulge in a former vice ... for this once New York Times September 8 2023
The Louisville ___ aka Muhammad Ali Daily Themed September 7 2023
Word before 'reading' or 'balm' USA Today September 5 2023
*Gradual, seemingly harmless course of action that ultimately results in bad consequences New York Times September 4 2023
Edible flower whose bulb has a toxic core LA Times September 1 2023
ChapStick, e.g. USA Today September 1 2023
Liner in a makeup kit Vox August 31 2023
Bring chopper down here, smashing part of mouth into skull The Guardian Cryptic August 28 2023
Film extract The Guardian Quick August 28 2023


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