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Possibole Clues for GIDE

Clue Publisher Date
Start of something great LA Times October 17 2023
"Strait Is the Gate" novelist André Wall Street Journal August 5 2023
French literature Nobelist NewsDay July 30 2023
Delusion LA Times June 17 2023
Name seen in many hotels LA Times May 21 2023
Words of protest NewsDay April 19 2023
“Strait Is the Gate” author André Wall Street Journal December 23 2022
"Think again" Wall Street Journal August 27 2022
Hotel Bible name Eugene Sheffer May 13 2022
Hotel Bible provider Universal April 16 2022
French novelist André NewsDay March 3 2022
Grandiose concept USA Today January 20 2022
"Whoa, there!" New York Times March 26 2021
Youngest brother in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" Wall Street Journal December 24 2020
Jason ___ character on the crime drama series Criminal Minds played by Mandy Patinkin Daily Themed October 28 2020
"The Immoralist" author Crossword Champ Pro March 3 2020
Misconception Crossword Champ Premium February 17 2020
John Creasey's detective Crossword Champ Pro February 15 2020


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