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Possibole Clues for CASTLE

Clue Publisher Date
Princess's royal residence Daily Themed August 26 2023
2000s' ABC crime drama series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic Daily Themed August 19 2023
Move the king and rook simultaneously, in chess NY Times Mini June 24 2023
Inflatable party rental USA Today May 4 2023
Where a fairy tale princess may live Daily Themed April 7 2023
Buildings made of stone or sand USA Today February 18 2023
*Exclusive Hollywood clubhouse that has a Parlour of Prestidigitation LA Times February 7 2023
Building with a moat Universal February 2 2023
Fairytale residence Daily Themed December 3 2022
Palace built in the winter USA Today November 30 2022
Make a certain chess move New York Times November 4 2022
Beachfront building with free rent? Universal October 3 2022
Whisk the king to safety Wall Street Journal September 23 2022
Fairy tale king's palace NewsDay August 8 2022
"Brooklyn ___," documentary film following five chess players in a Brooklyn school Daily Themed July 21 2022
Kid's beach sculpture NewsDay July 5 2022
Shape of many a bouncy house Daily Pop Crosswords April 20 2022
Former ABC series starring Nathan Fillion as a mystery writer who had regular poker games with 33-Across Daily Pop Crosswords March 27 2022
Fairy tale setting Wall Street Journal March 16 2022
2017 anime-influenced TV series based on the video game series of the same name Daily Themed January 12 2022
Chess piece Puzzle Page January 5 2022
Royal palace NewsDay January 3 2022
Person in charge (letter 13) Universal December 24 2021
Himeji structure with moats Universal November 23 2021
TV dramedy starring Nathan Fillion as a mystery writer Daily Pop Crosswords November 16 2021


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